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RemedyEHR's Requirements

RemedyEHR requires a relatively recent computer (purchased in the past 5 years) with a DSL or Cable Internet connection.


  • Windows 7 or 8 & 8.1 Operating system (Server editions are not supported)
  • Modern Processor of at least 2GHz
  • 2 GB RAM minimum
  • Recommend Internet Explorer 8 or above Firefox and Google Chrome can be used but not recommended.
  • Broadband Internet Connection (1.5 Mbps or faster)
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • PDF Reader
  • Excel for exporting reports
(Windows XP and Vista are not supported)

Optimal Setup

  • Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 20 GB of free Hard Drive Space
  • Internet Explorer 9 or above
  • 5 Mbps or better Internet Service

Release Process

From time to time, RemedyEHR updates it products with new features or corrections. These updates are available to you immediately with no effort on your part.

Scheduled Updates

Scheduled updates go through our rigorous release process. Before releasing a change, we run numerous automated tests and spend days manually testing the product to ensure it contains no defects.

After the product successfully passes this process, we release it to production and make it available to you. We notify you in advance of the upcoming new version and of the new features and defect-corrections that are included. We also provide training documentation so you're able to prepare your staff to take advantage of any new features immediately.

Emergency Updates

Unfortunately, there are times when a defect causes a problem so critical that an update cannot wait to go through our normal release process. For these exceptions, we employ an accelerated emergency release process to push critical fixes to you. We take every precaution to ensure we don't introduce defects or regressions during the emergency release process.

When resolving problems, the risk involved with an emergency release has to be balanced against the critical need for a solution. If a fix has been identified, we include it with the regular release testing. If appropriate, we release fixes to critical defects ahead of the next scheduled release.