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Founded in 2003, RemedyEHR is a privately held medical informatics company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Developed by leading medical software engineers, our system is known for its innovations in health-care IT specific to bariatrics. Our vision has always been to create an electronic health record (EHR) application that's designed and developed from the medical professional's point of view ... not the developer's.

What We Do

RemedyEHR is a recognized leader in developing health-care technology for the bariatric specialty. We empower surgeons, physician practices, hospitals and health centers to embrace EHRs. We do this by providing affordable, easy-to-use Internet-based solutions backed by outstanding customer support.

By integrating EHR and practice management, we make the addition of a world-class revenue-cycle management solution a logical step for medical practices seeking a "one-stop shop" to optimize clinical encounters and maximize revenue-growth opportunities.

Our support and implementation teams are committed to your success. Based in the United States, they understand what people go through to automate a practice — and they're not satisfied until everyone is happy.

RemedyEHR's powerful EHR model is cost-effective and requires little to no up-front costs to implement and maintain. Want to learn more? Just contact us for details or ask for a free demo.