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RemedyEHR's myHealthManager empowers patients to take an active part in managing and improving their health.

As they contribute to their online journals in myHealthManager — tracking weight loss, nutritional intake, exercise, blood sugar levels or other variables — you can access and track your patients' progress.

myHealthManager enables you to...

  • Track patient compliance
  • Adjust treatment plans
  • Reduce phone call volume
  • Stay in better touch with your patients

myHealthManager also provides the following benefits:

  • Expanded Communication. Via myHealthManager's secure online messaging, you can suggest changes, send reminders or offer encouragement.
  • Lower Printing Fees. You save on printing costs when you post educational resources and event announcements online using myHealthManager.
  • Proven Results. myHealthManager increases the likelihood of patients modifying their behavior and following provided treatments.
  • Patient Well-Being. myHealthManager extends your patients connection to — and satisfaction with — your practice.

myHealthManager provides your patients with a user forum that connects them to an online community and peer support — thus allowing them to connect with other patients and share experiences. It also enables them to securely remit their medical histories online before their first appointments, saving your staff transcription time.

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