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Many electronic health records (EHRs) are "one size fits all," containing only generalized high-level data fields. That's not the case with EndoEHR.

RemedyEHR's EndoEHR is designed exclusively for the specific needs of your office. It's a secure Web-based application that's HIPAA compliant and protected.

EndoEHR is designed to help you, the physician, do the following:

Save Time and Money

You can quickly document patients' visits on EndoEHR, ensuring consistent, reliable data collection and storage.

EndoEHR allows you to automatically generate referral and consult letters, lab orders, patient reminders and reports — thus reducing transcription time and administrative costs. By automating these and other administrative tasks, EndoEHR saves you and your staff time, allowing you to effectively treat more patients each day.

Issue Your Prescriptions More Easily

With EndoEHR, you can automatically generate appropriately sized prescription labels that can be printed from your label printer. Now you can create labels for appetite suppressants or other medications dispensed directly from your office.

Increase Efficiency

RemedyEHR is Web-based so you can access client records anytime, anywhere. Whether you're in the office, at home or on vacation, you can remain involved with your practice and your patients.

Achieve Better Outcomes

RemedyEHR's predictive informatics platform eases data entry and customization in EndoEHR. Our platform enables you to aggregate the specialty-specific data collected by RemedyEHR and analyze it to recognize patterns, predict trends and take preemptive action in your patients' care.

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